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Monday, 28-Aug-2006 05:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shamaz's Engagement

Celup-celup kaki dalam air
Glowing and radiant
Putri Gunung Ledang pose
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So many people turned up one would think there is a big event going on at Desa Laman Putri, Nilai. It is a big enough event for the residence, for it is the engagement of the eldest of the seven sisters.

Shamaz....wuahhh macam Kris Dayanti gitu. Tengok dari belakang mcm Victoria Beckham pun ada gak hehe. Whatever pun you look very beautiful and ravishing and yet so delicate.

With your face glowing with contentment and happiness, it only takes a split second to figure out that you have made the correct decision to take that one step up towards your dream.

I am so sorry for the pictures in here are not of that much quality (kamera 3.2 megapixel ajer) and I am missing out on many of the smaller details during the event (busy kacau Shamaz disolek oleh Pak Andam). Nanti ask from Shamaz the URL of the hired photographer's website.

Congratulations Shamaz!!

Wednesday, 29-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wireless wonder

Unsigned bands perform here, the Nokia Raw stage.
Lost in the crowd, lost in concentration.
Throngs of people at the food booths.
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Here cometh the Wireless Festival 2005, the ultimate festival chill-out in the daytime at the premier park of London - the Hyde Park. WIRELESS is a festival created for music fans with a capacity of just 20,000 each day (there are 4 days of pure fun altogether, per day entry is 35pound and 100pounds for all 4 days' madness). You can find everything you could want from a festival, healing and chill-out zones, performance art, food and drink from around the world. *pushes people and inching forward while mumbling obscenities*

I don't really care about the booths anyway apart from the ones who would fulfill my gastronomic urges. (Veggie burger was the one and only option I have and it was super duper yuk with barf as garnishing).

The bands! Oh the bands! There were many bands performed at 3 different stages but the major stage was the one sponsored by o2 that tugged the most at the whole of my being. Behold thy eyes...KEANE, RUFUS WAINWRIGHT and SUPERGRASS!!!! All scream their lungs out please!!!

Keane is soo cool!
I think they are somewhere between a scuffed Coldplay and a frankly bewildered Beautiful South. Their 1st single Everybody's Changing is maybe a three and half minutes of pure pop loveliness *sigh* their beguiling beautiful music isn't like anyone else and there is nothing to identify it with! You HAVE to listen to Keane, cuz life is too short not to. *screams hysterically and faints*

Rufus Wainwright; he is a great live performer and I can't think of a better songwriter today than Rufus. the pinnacle of his live singing was probably when he cooed the Hallelujah which was featured in the Shrek movie. It is such a beautiful song and with his unique soothing voice, it is just one of life's finest pleasures.

Supergrass is a band with a singular identity and a universal spirit. It's the band's obscure take on life, it's darkness, joy and humour that make them shooo unique. They sang some singles from their emergence since, what, 1994? Their music helped me gulped down my tasteless, almost inedible veggie-minced burger. Thank you Supergrass!

My voice is hoarse. But I did not get a tan. On the other hand, my buddy Roho did. *evil grin*

p.s. : Pardon me for the excessive use of exclamation point, it just so happens that I am totally worked up and psyched!!! ---> whoops! ^.^

Tuesday, 21-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kek Gula Hangus

OK so we are in South Ealing. Where is Claypond?
All smiles while waiting for Munir to show up.
Now where exactly is Munir?
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It was a rather mundane day, we have got nothing better to do, an idle's mind is the devil's workshop. We saw Munir's ID on Yahoo Messenger, and plans were devised to make him baked us kek gula hangus (saw its fame among the girls in Mara Hostel not so long ago). Besides, Munir's moving out of his place in Claypond, South Ealing next week so thought it might be a good idea to visit him and his place.

It was really a deviation from the civilisation, and I am talking about Claypond you even almost have to go through this whole stretch of cemeteries, named the Occupation Lane. It was in broad daylight but still it spooked me while passing through it, let alone at night with owls hooting and the moon round and yellow. Or maybe it was the fact that I watched the Exorcist two nights ago that gave me the funny ideas.

Sunday, 19-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Get a feel of British summer!

Alin strumming away...
Hope the fellas don't come and collect $$ for the deckchairs.
Fun in the summer sun.
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Summer is sort of here, it has been almost a week the sun shines without fail and the temperature is always above the eighties. One of the sure signs of summer they say.

So we decided to spend a warm Sunday evening at the Hyde Park, which is just 5-minutes walk from our house. We all chipped in a pound each to buy some munchies (can I say hors d'oeuvres?) and brought things like a guitar, Frisbee, mats - picnic must-haves. Donat custard sangat sedap!

It was so much fun to just sit on the grass and talked and laughed with so many people around you to join in on the fun. We played the Truth or Dare game, I don't think it is necessary to elaborate much about the game here. Untuk menjaga rahsia peribadi setiap individu yang terlibat. Hihi.

We went home at around 9.30pm before it gets really dark and the park is closed.

Wednesday, 15-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Post-exam Celebration

Elephant and Castle from a 6th-floor view.
Gobble up!
A pretty lineup.
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Hey ha exam is over, let's all go to Yana's place to satisfy the ever-grumbling stummick! Yana is such a darling, cooked us soto ayam, everyone's favourite dish. The journey to Elephant and Castle was worth every penny. Yana is going to move out from the place and move into somewhere in Paddington in autumn, so bye bye to Metro Central Heights!

Almost everyone was there, met this really super-friendly girl Tash (she came all the way from Surrey) before this I only heard about her from Roho.

This is somewhat a farewell party too, those who are going to board on the plane to leave London for good - Syafiq, Kamal, Roho, to name a few.

Cintaku Yana, we all owe you for the great food. Pandai sungguh dia masak. ^.^

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